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Melissa C. Wiley

Program Director / Head Teacher

Melissa discovered her love of working with children early on. From the time she could change diapers in her mother’s home daycare she has been drawn to caring for, playing with and nurturing children of all ages.

Melissa has been a dancer all her life and has been teaching dance to children for over 20 years. She moved to Santa Cruz to study at UCSC and began working with Cathy and Marty at Family Network Preschool in 2005. Inspired by their philosophy and work with families in the community she enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program at Cabrillo College and eventually earned her MA in Early Childhood Education from San Francisco State University. Her thesis centered on dance and education, and her work with children often incorporates movement. Melissa is very excited and proud to be taking on a new role with Family Network and looks forward to this next chapter in her life and career.

Victoria L. Nobles

Site Supervisor / Head Teacher

Victoria moved to Santa Cruz 16 years ago to attend the University Of California, Santa Cruz. After earning her bachelor's degree in sociology and legal studies, she began working with children and their families throughout Santa Cruz. She has several years of hands-on experience as an early childhood practitioner. 

She has been described as an analytical thinker who puts theory into practice in her work with children, as well as a visionary with great creativity and passion. Consistently inspired by her 8-year old stepson and the Early Childhood Education program at Cabrillo College, Victoria has an authentic commitment to working with young children and their families. Victoria has known Melissa for 14 years, and, together, they have had many adventures and learning experiences while working with young children. Moving forward together, and continuing the legacy of Family Network Preschool, is an honor and a privilege.

Mary Thompson


Mary’s career in early childhood education began in the late 1980's when she attended Cabrillo College. Her first child, Billy, was born during that time, and she stayed home with him for the next three years until she moved to Tuscon, AZ. 

In Tuscon, Mary continued on her career path and became a certified Montessori Preschool teacher. She also gave birth to her second child, Mahzel, in 1993. She stayed home with her children, while also providing daycare in her home for other preschool-aged children. After moving back to Santa Cruz in 1998, Mary earned an AS in early childhood education at Cabrillo College. When her youngest son started kindergarten, she began working at Family Network Preschool. 

Mary has worked for Family Network Preschool for the past 15 years. Out of all her work experience, Mary loves working with young children the most. She finds the work to be a fun and magical experience. Mary believes each child is unique, and that each child has something new to teach us everyday. Throughout her education and 30 years of working with young children, she has gained the most knowledge from the children themselves.

Colby Trombleé

Teaching Assistant

‚ÄčI am a kid at heart. I value play, laughter, and creative expression. I am constantly learning and love to teach others. My passion for working with children stems from growing up in an educational atmosphere that valued book work and time spent indoors. I know the importance of outdoor play and working as a team for kids. I want to instill values and teach skills of clear communication between children and between children and adults, modeling problem-solving and honesty. I appreciate children’s natural inclination to be honest and it teachers me how to be honest with myself and the people in my life. I am currently enrolled at Cabrillo College and intend to get my degree in Early Childhood Education. I am most interested in promoting outdoor education in the form of gardening, nature restoration, and honoring of our natural world. I am excited to be a member at FNP and am thrilled by the incredible opportunity to learn and grow from the children and staff!